Bathroom Remodeling - Build It Or Buy It?

A bathroom remodeling project can be quite overwhelming. That’s why many people choose to remodel the entire bathroom or take the more simple approach of replacing just a few items and repainting. Whether you choose to replace the entire bathroom or just a few items is really up to you, but at least now you know what you’re doing!

A bathroom remodeling project is a great way to update your bathroom, no matter how small. If you’ve already renovated a room before, you know that replacing an old shower, toilet, sink, and other fixtures can be a lot of work. But if you’re going for a more minimalist approach, all you really need to do is replace some of the fixtures and wall colors. Either way, a little planning will make it much easier for you.

When you’re in the planning stages of a bathroom remodeling project, keep in mind the reason you’re doing this. Did you just want to add more space to your bathroom? Or did you want to change the entire look of your bathroom to something new and different?

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, keep in mind the things that you’ll be needing to change to make the remodeling easier. Things like:
Toilet- One of the biggest changes you’ll need to make is to have more than one toilet installed in your whole bathroom. There are several reasons for this, including getting your existing toilet replaced or upgraded to a larger size. Or, you could also choose to have a single toilet.

Basin- The size of your basin may be determined by the size of your shower or tub. However, it will also depend on how big or small your bathroom is overall. As long as you have enough space to maneuver around your tub or shower, your basin will be the easiest item to get.

Shower- The shower itself may not even be the most important part of the bathroom remodeling process. You might want to expand the space between the wall and your ceiling or have a new shower curtain or shower enclosure added. Just keep in mind that a larger shower curtain means a larger shower, so make sure you purchase the right sized curtain. Any other items you want to include, such as a bathtub, a storage unit, a drain, a showerhead or faucet, will obviously have to come later.